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Dec 2015
Affiliate marketing experts constantly talk about new ways to promote goods and services. Many gurus seem eager to proclaim every technology "dead" within a decade. Nonetheless, some older methods remain quite effective. Email promotions regularly outperform trendy techniques like social media marketing or SMS messaging. The statistics prove that email reliably delivers more sales, high response rates and greater returns on investment. 
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Boosting your email campaigns around the holidays doesn't have to be that hard.
Dec 2015
The holiday season can be the most profitable as well as the happiest time of the year. Many consumers are in a buying frenzy and eager to hear about deals. The following holiday email marketing tips will help you capitalize on this spending season to maximize sales and lead submissions for your business. 
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Email can yield stronger results than social media during holiday campaign season
Dec 2015
The 2015 holiday buying season is upon us and consumers around the world are responding to promotional offers with their clicks – and their wallets. To engage your customer base and inform potential buyers of this season's offers, it isn't enough to simply post content on a website and wait for visitors to come. Your business needs to connect with its customers directly, either by email or through social media. Although a balanced promotional strategy is always wise, businesses are finding time and again that direct email marketing remains the most effective way to reach buyers and stimulate sales.
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