Apr 2017

Email was invented 45 years ago and it’s more important than ever for the Digital Marketer. With nearly three times as many user accounts as Twitter and Facebook combined, email is also 40 times more successful at acquiring new clients than either of the two mentioned above.

If 2016 was not a good year for your advertising campaigns, below are 5 tips that will help you win the email marketing game in 2017.

1. Re-engage with your customers. More than 50% of marketers say that personalized communication with existing customers has a moderate to significant revenue impact. Reach-out to your existing customers with relevant emails based on their purchase history and behavior.

2. Device-friendly emails. An important percent of emails are opened on a mobile device: 47% to be precise. That’s huge! The remaining 53% open the emails on desktops, tablets and other devices. The best approach is to make sure that your email design is responsive - optimized to be viewed on desktop, tablet, smartphone and even smartwatch!

Device-friendly emails

3. Clean your email list. By cleaning up your email list you can see the percentage of deliverable, engaged and undeliverable email addresses. You can import your email list directly from the ESP or upload your list in a CSV format. Our comprehensive email verifier process goes beyond basic SMTP and verification checks, also referencing historical bounce, click, open, and opt-out data. See how email validation works here. By cleaning your email list, you know the exact percentage of real active users and you can segment your email list more easily.

4. Reduce cart abandonment. If the customer left right at the checkout this doesn’t mean that they can’t be convinced to buy the products they already like. You should trigger the first email in the first two hours of abandonment, the second between 12-48 hours, and the last email between 48-72 hours. The abandoned card should be showed in the email and you can add product recommendations to increase the click rate and conversion.

Reduce cart abandonment

5. Create an acquisition strategy. Analyze other channels where your customers are already engaging with your brand and try to create a long term relationship on email with cross channel campaigns.

Apr 2017

There are no books, no strategies, no step-by-step manuals that can ensure that your emails will inbox.  We are all reliant on the ISPs and their regulations, their filters, and their often unknown guidelines that determine whether or not we have met their qualifications for inboxing.  This is the bane of a mailer’s existence.  It appears to be ever-changing with zero insight in to why or how we can accommodate these changes.  With that being said, there is one thing that is set in stone…the demand of ISPs that mailers have email engagement.  What exactly does that mean?
I’ve been asked repeatedly by mailers why ip reputation suffers when they are running mainstream offers, they are removing complaints, they are ramping up slowly, etc.  The bottom line is not going to change.  Solid, engaged data is going to ensure good subscriber engagement which means traffic to your sites, email opens, click-through rates.  Email engagement is a direct result of these factors and it’s non-negotiable. One of the biggest issues I’ve heard from mailers is that their subscribers have opted in, even double opted-in, so WHY are their emails hitting spam when they are sending mainstream offers appealing to seniors, homeowners, and the average Joe just wanting to get by?  Unfortunately most of us perceive that when we speak of spam it’s all about the unsolicited invitations for “dates”, a quick way to earn a buck, or other salacious opportunities which, while intriguing, are the epitome of spam.  Spam is actually anything that is unsolicited regardless of the content. You may have the most active, clean list, but if you’re sending unsolicited messages, ISPs will perceive it as spam.  The key to avoiding this is to ensure that the potential subscriber knows what they are signing up for and that they receive only those emails. The more you send unsolicited content to your active lists, the less engaged your subscribers become and the higher the risk of them complaining or not clicking on your emails.  When this occurs, ISPs are far more likely to route your mail to the junk folder, prohibiting even those interested in your emails from ever seeing them.  This can irreparably harm your ip reputation, resulting in temporary deferrals, 100% junking or hard blocks on your ips. The bottom line is that if you want continued or increased delivery, don’t spam your subscribers.  Send only relevant content.
If you want to learn more about ISPs and their impact on your IP reputation, send us a note on our contact page or email us at office@madrivo.com.

Email verification can reduce your bounce rate by 98%
Mar 2017

How many times have you sent an email campaign to the same email list without verifying it? Our data suggests that approximately 15 percent of all email addresses are invalid. This means that if you do not verify your list, your message is not reaching one out of seven recipients. However, smart marketers know that it is essential to verify the list before each and every campaign. Here are the top benefits of verifying your email list before hitting send:

  1. Lower bounce rates.
To you, bounce rates might be yet another email marketing metric, but email providers, blacklist operators and anti-spam networks monitor your bounce rates and hold them in high regard. These rates are then used to prioritize your sent emails in the inbox as well as compute your send reputation.
  1. Better sender reputation.
A high bounce rate indicates spamming to your ESP and other email providers. This in turn lowers your sender reputation, which can eventually land you on a blacklist. By cleaning your email list before each campaign, you remove invalid addresses, therefore lowering your bounce rates and protecting your sender reputation.
  1. Higher ROI.
Every missed inbox is a missed opportunity. You worked hard on your campaign, but your work is all for not if your customers never see your message. Lower bounce-back rates translate into a higher ROI for your campaign.
  1. Clear view into campaign performance.
Bounce-backs cloud the picture of your campaign results, as an undeliverable email will never engage with your message. With a large number of undeliverable emails, you can kiss a good open, click through, and conversion rate goodbye. To judge the effectiveness, you need a valid list to effectively report on these metrics and gain actionable insights for your next campaign. These are only a few of many benefits of a clean email list. So before you send that next campaign, gut check the quality of your list first. This will help you gauge your campaign’s true performance, protect your sender reputation and impress your boss.   About BriteVerify BriteVerify provides real time email verification solutions that improve email data quality, Inbox deliverability and email marketing ROI. With offices in the U.S. and the U.K., BriteVerify helps over 20,000 organizations in 145 countries collect better email data and send smarter campaigns. For more information please visit http://www.briteverify.com/, follow BriteVerify on Twitter, or find us on Facebook.


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