Video Advertising:  What you need to know.
Mar 2014

Marketers can spend an inordinate amount of time creating just the right ad, and yet when it’s finally unveiled, it fails to convert as hoped. New research into video advertising now helps to pinpoint the reasons that render the ad less than effective. According to the IAB Digital Video Ad Effectiveness Case Study, in order to get ads to convert well, the focus need not just be solely on content, but also on the following three attributes: placement, length, and the type of message conveyed.

Top 3 Placement Tips for Video Ads That Engage Well

Video marketing continues to be high on the list of new marketing trends online. However, to get the best results, understanding the science of video advertising is required. Creativity can make any ad sell, but by putting an engaging ad in the wrong spot, it can end up costing conversions. To market video ads more effectively, consider the following tips taken from the IAB Case Study:

Feb 2014

Should your company use it?

The mailman walks up to the house, sees a “No Junk mail” sign on the mailbox, drops off a handful of letters and bank statements, then walks away. The end result? Your direct marketing dollars go nowhere. Even worse, you’re hurting the environment. For each piece of direct marketing you create, paper must be used, the advertising must be transported, and workers paid at each step of the way.

A B testing
Feb 2014

A/B testing is an emerging trend in the internet marketing sector that allows advertisers to engineer specialized campaigns and to measure the effectiveness prior to launch.

Online optimization plays a critical role in maximizing an internet offer’s conversion rate. If a consumer doesn’t respond well to the aesthetics or verbiage of an advertisement, the sale or lead won’t close.


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