Jan 2018

Ad fraud is estimated to reach $18 billion in damages in 2018 according to ANA. Year after year, digital fraud continues to grow. Digital ad fraud remains a big concern for brand marketers and agencies. A low fraud rate not only helps brands, but also means better quality ads and less headaches. In the affiliate marketing space, fraud affects all types of traffic channels. It could be a mailer form being filled out to create leads that aren’t legitimate, it could be a display ad that is being used in the same way with people being paid to complete the form. No matter the method, here at Madrivo, we train our team to spot patterns that could result from fraudulent activity and trigger an internal investigation to determine the authenticity of flagged leads. With Madrivo’s low 0.06% fraud rate, brands can feel confident in running their offers through our network of trusted affiliates. How did Madrivo succeed in gaining such a low fraud rate and continue to keep it year over year? 1 - Thorough Vetting Process Rigorously vetting publishers before they are even allowed to join the network is, in part, key to why the fraud rate has remained so low. Many factors are looked at to determine if it will be a good fit and if there are any discrepancies they will not be allowed to join Madrivo. 2 - Due Diligence with Traffic Monitoring Once a publisher passes through the vetting process, due diligence is practiced as a new publisher starts running traffic. Several methods are used to gauge if the traffic is legitimate or not. 3 - Constant Communication Communicating and having the right conversations with publishers is another key factor. Get to know what they do and the types of traffic they run. Ask for references from other companies the affiliate works with and contact them before allowing the client to run traffic. Once the publisher is running traffic, keep in touch to make sure they understand the lead standards and qualifications so that lead quality remains high and within compliance regulations. Establishing a very transparent relationship with affiliates will help build trust and keep everyone happy. Fraud is not 100% preventable, but with a secure vetting process and due diligence risk can be mitigated. It’s something Madrivo is proud of and takes very seriously.

Jan 2018

Every year, for the past six years, Madrivo has attended Affiliate Summit West and this year was no exception. Being able to build face-to-face relationships in one place with over 6,000 companies in the affiliate marketing industry is something we always look forward to as the show approaches. Last week’s show was a fantastic 3 days of meetings, networking, and learning.  As two-time winner of the Affy Award (2014 for Outstanding Internet Achievement, 2017 for Affiliate Satisfaction) we want to congratulate our friends at ZeroBounce for winning this year’s award for Outstanding Internet Achievement. This award comes well-deserved considering their accomplishments over the past year and setting the benchmark in email validation and verification. They have generated a significant and novel contribution to the digital advertising community, and more specifically, affiliate marketing by creating an industry-leading and paradigm-shifting tool. ZeroBounce is a major email validation service dedicated to email bounce detection, email abuse and spam trap detection, email data append and advanced security. We are so excited for them and their achievements in the industry; they’re definitely a company to work with in 2018 if you’re looking to improve deliverability and increase ROI from email campaigns. What were the highlights of Affiliate Summit West 2018 for you? We want to know!

Dec 2017

We all have heard at one time or another that it’s much more costly to obtain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one; on average, it costs about 6-7 times more. Regardless of what marketing medium you use, this rule of thumb continues to ring true. In a previous blog post we discussed how to prevent your customers from leaving your email list by leveraging a preference center. But this only addressed the backend of the equation. What about your treatment strategy for brand new customers? Beyond the Welcome Email When we talk about nurturing or retention strategies at PostUp, we are referring to strategies that extend beyond the welcome email. We are referring to the way you treat your customers and the types of emails you send to them after the first sale or interaction. Regardless of what industry you are in, or if you sell a product or service, you have a goal of “more”. What steps are you taking to encourage a second sale, continued use of your product or movement from a free trial to a paying customer? We invite you to read the following ideas – don’t skip straight to your industry examples – these ideas may spark new ideas of your own! Companies with free trials use nurturing messages to convert non-paying customers to paying ones. When you accept a free trial customer, your goal is to successfully convert them to a paying customer. You hope they will love your product or service enough to want to move past the free trial period and pay. However, you should not assume that once a customer accepts your free offer, they will immediately take next steps to effectively try or test your product and easily convert to a sale. Leverage email marketing to ensure you are communicating the best ways to get started with your product, cool features and benefits of your product, and how to achieve the best results or be most effective with your product. You may also want to include known roadblocks or challenges the customer may encounter and what steps to take to move past them. Gaming companies use nurturing messages to encourage continued play. The number one goal for gaming companies is to encourage players to continuously return to their games and to play and pay for additional benefits such as coins and accessories. There are numerous nurturing messages that can be leveraged to achieve this goal. One example is to send achievement and award notifications that acknowledge a player who has obtained a specific goal or level. These messages typically include information about opportunities and features in the next level.

  • Retain players AND obtain new ones by leveraging the fact that people often like to play games with people they know.
  • Send email communications to inform players on how to invite others to play your games with them.
  • Reward and acknowledge these invitations with tokens or points within your games.
Publishers use nurturing messages to drive more site visits. For online publishers, driving visits to your website is the number one goal for your email marketing program. In order to leverage email marketing to drive visits, you must first ensure the email content you are sending is relevant to the subscriber’s interests. One way to do so is through your preference center. After sending your welcome email, consider sending a second email that promotes your preference center and explains how readers can select the types of emails they wish to receive from you. Another way to drive increased site visits is to leverage a web analytics program to determine what types of content your reader is viewing and send a targeted email message that offers registration for that content. For instance, if you have a reader that is registered for your weekly finance newsletter, but you see he clicks on sports articles, consider sending him an email inviting him to register for your sports newsletter. This article was originally published on PostUp.


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