You could be missing out on promising leads if you're not using pay-per-call in your marketing strategy.
Jun 2016

Landline phones have all but vanished from everyday use. Even businesses are switching over to cell phones rather than having an in-office phone system, showing you the importance of mobile devices today. In my last blog, I talked about the growing mobile market in relation to in-app advertising, but it is also important to consider the potential phone calls have for getting you new customers. Here are six reasons to use pay per call in your marketing efforts!

Increase your ROI by choosing the marketplace that best represents you.
Jun 2016

Who do you trust in an industry that has a reputation for being driven by the pursuit of money, often to the exclusion of all else?  Unfortunately, many have experienced the underhanded nature of our industry, one rife with fraud, non-payment, and general unethical behavior.  Who will look out for you while you're driving revenue for them? When you have skills that are in high demand and you're being wooed with promises of higher payouts, incentives, and vacations, who should you turn to and why?  You turn to those who are as much invested in your bottom line as you are, to those who understand that your value is not just in the dollar amount you're generating at that very moment, but to what you add to the core values of their company.


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