Nov 2017

We learned in Part 1 of the blog series about what email verification is and how it works. In part 2 of this blog series, let’s talk about why email validation is so important to your email marketing efforts and to your brand. Email verification is a process that cleans your email list to verify the email addresses you’re sending to exist, are active and are accepting mail. Typically, this service is provided as online software as a service. And this is where ZeroBounce comes in - the email validation system to validate email lists, improve deliverability, and in-turn improve your sender reputation. Here are 5 reasons why you should use an email validation service: 1. Protect sender score A sender score is a number based on the reputation of every outgoing mail server IP address (the higher the number, the better the score). The credibility of your IPs and domains are attributed to your ISPs and spam filters. If people report spam or frequently unsubscribe, both of these actions will affect your sender score. If you are using a service like ZeroBounce to validate your email list, it will remove invalid emails, spam traps and known email complainers from our list and help protect your sender reputation. Protecting your sender score through email validation will help to improve your email deliverability and campaign success. 2. Increase deliverability The average inbox placement rate, in all industries is 85%. By managing bounce rates and complaints, more of your messages will make it to the inbox of your customers; therefore increasing your deliverability rate. This will result in higher open, click and response rates. 3. Reduce bounce rate The percentage of sent messages that cannot be delivered represents bounce rate. According to data from Campaigner, larger lists experience lower bounce rates. If you look at the average bounce rate with a list size of 25-499 the bounce rate is 2%. For a list size of 500-999, the bounce rate is 1.6 and for 1000 or more, the bounce rate is 1.2%. Anything above 2% is something to be aware of. Using email validation to clean out undeliverable email addresses means a larger percentage of emails sent will be delivered, in turn lowering your bounce rate. 4. Save money The larger your list gets, the more likely you are to have invalid email addresses on it. In a study performed by SiriusDecisions, they found that 10% to 25% of customer and prospect data contained inaccuracies. Since every message sent serves as a dollar spent, removing bad email addresses from your list will lower your sending costs and in turn send to a more current email list. 5. Protect against fraud Email validation can help combat against fraud. Spam trap emails look like real email addresses, but they are fake. If you inadvertently send email to a spam trap, the impact can be disastrous with consequences ranging from making your sender reputation plummet to permanently blacklisting your sending domain. Now that we have an understanding of why email validation is key to deliverability and sender reputation, in part 3 of the blog series we’ll talk about how ZeroBounce can help remedy these issues. And in case you missed part 1 of this blog series, check it out here.

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Oct 2017

As affiliate marketers, we have many tools in our toolbox to reach our current and potential customers. With a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing is the most effective choice of tools to use. That being said, we want to ensure the hygiene of our email list is clean in order to reach our customers. Enter ZeroBounce - the email validation system to validate email lists, improve deliverability, and in-turn improve your sender reputation. In this 3-part blog series we’ll discuss:

  1. What email validation is and how it works
  2. Why it’s important
  3. How ZeroBounce can help
What is email verification? Email verification is a process that cleans your email list to verify the email addresses you’re sending to exist, are active and are accepting mail. Typically, this service is provided as online software as a service. Deliverability is key to successful email campaigns. And maintaining an untarnished sender reputation is essential to the deliverability of your campaigns and your brand reputation. How does email verification work? There are different measures an email verification tool will use to ensure the validity of the email addresses. These validation measures are dependent on the proprietary algorithms of the software. ZeroBounce offers the following detailed process for email validation:
  1. Email abuse detection - identify emails that have a history of marking them as spam.
  2. Disposable email detection - temporary email accounts used to mask real email addresses are identified.
  3. Email bounce detection - emails that will bounce are identified.
  4. Spam trap detection - identify many spam traps.
  5. Toxic domain detection - domains are identified that are known for abuse, spam and bot created emails.
  6. Social append - first and last name, age and location of the email are identified (only available on certain emails and most IP addresses).
  7. Catch-all domain detection - identify all domains that are catch-all and will return valid for all emails.
  8. Gender append - identify the gender of some emails (only available on certain emails and most IP addresses).
  9. IP information append - country, region, city and zip will be appended.
Do you have questions on why you should be using an email verification tool? Follow us for part 2 of this blog series where we’ll fill you in on why data validation is important and how it can make your email marketing campaigns more effective.

Oct 2017

Before the internet, we all thought about buying, selling and engaging with people and brands in a very different way. We understood the process, the interaction, the communication that was inherently connected to these types of activities. A lot has changed, but guess what? It turns out people still expect those same “courtesy and engagement components”, even if they’re now interacting with your brand online. Online marketers that are winning in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace have never lost sight of this simple truth and continue to incorporate the always important human experience into the online customer experience. Your welcome messaging — and automated welcome program — should be seen as a warm and personalized greeting to your online brand. Let’s explore some best practices regarding the all-powerful, always in style “welcome email". What critical elements do I need to include in my emails? Although there are many things to consider when creating your welcome program, we’ll focus on three high-level best practices that every marketer can leverage. When you create your welcome messaging, we recommend the following:

  • Say thank you! Just as any good business owner would, make sure to extend a warm thank you to your new customer for joining your email program, making a purchase, etc. This can be a simple sentence in the message, or you might take it a step further and extend a special offer or coupon. Get creative with this!
  • Be sure that your new subscriber/customer understands the best ways to engage with your brand and how to learn more about your content, products and/or services. For publishers, this might include providing links to top stories or the most shared content. For retailers, this may be hot selling products or timely promotions that you don’t want your new customer to miss. For online gaming brands, this could be links to top tips and tricks, leaderboards or the latest virtual goods. Don’t forget to include links to your social media presences and community/blog areas as well.
  • Keep your welcome messages short. In the same way that customers don’t enjoy hearing a 10 minute welcome greeting from a salesperson, they certainly don’t want to read a long, droning welcome email either! If you have a lot to say, consider creating a multi-message Welcome Email Program. And that leads us to…
What is a Welcome Email Program? If you have a website that is overflowing with extensive content or a complex product line that can’t easily be summed up in a clean sentence or two, you may want to consider an email program to welcome your readers. A well-planned welcome program has several key benefits: It’s an efficient process for marketers to introduce and share multiple highlights regarding their brand, content and products. It’s an intuitive way for new subscribers to engage with multiple elements of your site or product without being overwhelmed. It allows new subscribers to easily share content with friends and family by including Share to Social links at the content, product or article level. A welcome program is not a fit for every online business and/or new customer experience, however, it’s a great option to consider if you’re struggling with organizing and introducing your brand in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your new customer in a single email. Need proof? Learn how Sony’s multi-message welcome programs warmly greeted their new Sony Card members and boosted email engagement by 157 percent. What About Automation? Whenever possible, we love to help our clients automate their welcome messages; the efficiency, consistency and engagement results can be outstanding! Remember “automation” doesn’t mean “non-targeted, one-size fits all, robotic” messaging. Make sure that elements of the welcome message are dynamically personalized and relevant to your new member. What did your new customer buy? What content did they express an interest in when they joined your newsletter? Where do they live? All of these elements can be referenced and included in your automated welcome email program and can make a significant difference in how well they perform. Be creative, be fun, and whenever possible, focus on personalizing the experience for your new member. The possibilities are virtually endless! This article was originally published on PostUp.


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