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Aug 2018
If you are reading this article, then you most likely have heard of affiliate marketing and are considering working with an affiliate network to accomplish your marketing goals. You’re a company looking to acquire new, quality lifetime customers of your product or service. Maybe you’re at the point where you want to supplement your internal marketing efforts. Maybe you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level, cast a wider net to potential customers and use an affiliate network to do so. According to a survey by Forrester Group, a giant 83% of advertisers use affiliate networks. That number is growing and if you are considering using a network to help with your marketing objectives and pay on performance only (when a specific action is completed: sale, lead or click), here are 6 key factors to assess.
  1. Brand protection
Putting your marketing efforts in the hands of others can be a daunting feeling, especially when it comes to keeping your brand protected. One important aspect of this is to understand how the network monitors and screens it’s publishers. What are they doing to ensure they are working with quality publishers. Do they have an in-house legal counsel and compliance department? Ask about their fraud rate and educate yourself on how the network keeps their publishers compliant, while keeping their advertisers safe.
  1. Find out what other companies are saying about them
Word of mouth is a powerful tool and knowing what other companies are saying can aid in finding the right affiliate network for your brand. Does the affiliate network work with companies like yours, how have they helped them? Look to their website for reviews and case studies; and also check out social media, listing services and even ask point blank.
  1. Client support
Client support is an essential part of partnering with an affiliate network. Are they available 24/7? Do they have a compliance support team to ensure your campaigns are kept safe from fraud? There is also a concern of scrubbing and/or pixel under-tracking. Networks should compare the numbers in the tracking system to the lead CRM on a regular basis and add the missing leads and sales manually. It’s a very labor intensive task on the networks’ part, but it’s a very important aspect that you should keep in regard. You want to be able to rely on a team who can help if compliance issues arise, if you need a recommendation on the performance of your campaigns and most importantly, that they be able to assist you when you need it most.
  1. Traffic sources
Another crucial aspect to assess when choosing an affiliate network is their traffic sources (email, display, social media, mobile, etc.) Does the network have traffic sources exclusive to them? Do they offer a variety of traffic sources to promote your offers? This is important because while social media marketing might be super successful for your brand, it may not be for another. Any great network you work with will educate and inform you on what paid traffic sources to use and what will work best for your campaigns.
  1. Experience
It’s vital you feel safe and trust the network you work with. As you navigate through the research process, keep your eyes open for networks that bring years of experience to the industry and that can prove it with case studies, testimonials and accolades. Also acknowledge what their commitment is to brand protection, can spam laws and fraud.
  1. Value
One last thing to consider is the value that the network brings to the ecosystem of performance marketing. Do they have their own offers? Do they have their own traffic or a unique technology? The more value a network adds to the industry, the more likely they will have better traffic, better offers, a secure financial future and legal practices. Evaluate these 6 factors and you’ll be on your way to finding the best affiliate network for your company.
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Jul 2018

Madrivo was recently ranked a Top Affiliate Network on the Affiliate Marketing School’s Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Networks of 2018. We are honored to be on the list and among the ranks of other leaders in the industry. Madrivo has made a positive impact and influence in ethical verticals like insurance, home services, mortgage and home security.

Madrivo is proud to be recognized as a top affiliate network in 2018 and looks forward to continued growth while remaining dedicated to serving our amazing clients and partners, for without them we would not be where they are today.

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Jul 2018
Madrivo will be returning to NYC for Mailcon and Affiliate Summit East 2018. Are you going to be one of the 500+ email marketers, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders attending Mailcon on July 28? If so, make sure to check out Madrivo’s Director of Affiliates, Jennifer Rozario, as she presents on why #EmailisHot. She’ll address the threats and risks associated with email and ways to combat these risks. She’ll also talk about the strengths and opportunities gained from using email as a traffic channel. Our team will be at Mailcon table #318, so be sure to stop by and say hi.   Maybe you’re not going to be at Mailcon, but you’ll be one of the many digital marketers at Affiliate Summit East - if so, stop by the Meet Market and visit us at table #401. We want to chat with you! If you prefer to schedule a meeting with us in advance, email to set up some one on one time with one of our team members. We’ll see you there! P.S. You’ll know it’s us when you spot the chihuahua.
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Madrivo empowers advertisers to effectively grow brands online and enables publishers to optimize online media and to leverage customer acquisition channels.

In the constantly evolving and incredibly fast-paced digital era, Madrivo is an integrated online marketing agency that develops efficient marketing solutions, unifies customer acquisition strategies, and develops tactics to successfully move traditional operations to the Internet. The team at Madrivo guides companies, large and small, globally, to establish the most cost effective online presence.

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