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Jun 2018
Email is a great way to cultivate and keep relationships with your customers - more specifically email newsletters. Research shows that 95 percent of people who sign up for a newsletter find it useful and relevant, and are more likely to engage and make purchase decisions based on the emails they receive. Email validation, also known as email verification could be your solution to email bounces, abandoned or inaccurate email addresses. Email list hygiene cleans your email lists to verify that you’re sending to an email address that not only exists, but is active and accepting mail. Email address validation is usually provided as a SAAS tool, like ZeroBounce. Wouldn’t you rather have a list of 25,000 subscribers with a 35% open rate, versus 75,000 subscribers with a 4% open rate? Email verification tools validate email lists, improve deliverability, and improve sender reputation. So how does email list validation help your newsletters? 1.Increase deliverability Increase deliverability by managing bounce rates and complaints. More of your messages will inbox and result in higher open, response and click rates. 2.Bounce rate reduction A bounce rate above 2% is a red flag. Lower your bounce rate with email scrubbing to remove undeliverable email addresses. This will lead to a larger percentage of emails being sent to a deliverable address. 3.Sender score protection Protecting your sending score through an email checker will help to improve overall deliverability and campaign success. If you are using an email address validation service like ZeroBounce to check if email is valid, it will remove invalid emails, spam traps and know email complainers from your list to help protect your sender reputation and score. About ZeroBounce Based in Santa Barbara, CA, ZeroBounce is a major email verification company created to help businesses just like yours reach their marketing success. In practical terms, that means reaching humans, not bots. ZeroBounce is an essential service for marketers everywhere that wish to improve their deliverability and open rates and, of course, increase their revenue.
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May 2018
On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. This new law will bring significant change to data law protection and will give internet users more control of their privacy and data.  Along with this change comes many questions - how will it affect your company, what if you don’t comply, what do you need to do to be compliant, what will it mean for the US? The list goes on. There are many sources out there to sift through to get these answers, but with the launch of GDPR on our heels, we want to arm you with reliable sources to answer all of your questions.

EU GDPR Information Portal

This resource contains key changes, FAQ’s and timelines for GDPR.

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

The ICO is an independent regulatory office in charge of upholding information rights in the interest of the public.


GOV.UK is the place to find government services and information, as well as articles and checklists on GDPR. We hope these resources help answer any lingering questions you may have about GDPR and the new regulations associated with it.
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May 2018
Ranked a Best and Brightest Company two years in a row and recognized for being a Great Place to Work by Great Rated!, Madrivo is committed to bettering the lives of employees, both personally and professionally through its investment in company culture. Company-wide initiatives have helped to improve the culture over the past few years and retain great talent, one of Madrivo’s top priorities. Each company has its own unique culture, mission and vision. The focus for many companies is primarily on the product or service they provide, but let’s not forget that a company could not run without its employees. Job satisfaction plays a big role in the productivity, health and well being of an employee. A study performed at the University of Warwick found that a 12% spike in productivity was a result of happy employees. Creating a positive company culture can lead to high job satisfaction and in turn positively affect job performance. There are many ways to create a positive company culture. Here are our top 5: 1.Hire people who fit the culture You can’t fit a triangle into a circle. The same goes for hiring employees who do not fit the core values of the company. Hiring a person who fits the job requirements and hoping they will adopt and mold to the culture may cost you time and hurt morale in the long run. Hire on both job fit and cultural fit and you’ll find your new hires are happier in their new role, feel invested in the company and show remarkable job performance. Additionally, they’re far more likely to bond with their colleagues and have a positive influence if they feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging. 2.Make it meaningful People need to feel a sense of purpose at work and know that what they do on a daily basis has some meaning. It’s one thing to give out tasks, but another to explain why the task is important to the company and how one’s individual role is making an impact on the company as a whole. Employees will feel invested in the future of the company. 3.Have fun! You can have fun at work? You most certainly can and should! It boosts moral, reduces stress and is a great way for employees to see the more personal side of their fellow co-workers, a side they may not see that often. Having fun doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or money. For example, have a friendly competition with prizes, celebrate individual and company wins, or plan a catered lunch for the entire company. 4.Lead by example Employees frequently look for guidance from senior management to help them get their work done, but the same is true for how to build a positive culture. The culture should be shaped by the leaders of the company and then be adopted by all other employees. Employees need to see others living the culture and values of the company. When you put them in action and everyone makes an effort to live them, you will see your employees thrive. 5.Open communication & transparency In any relationship, communication is essential and the same goes for the workplace. Open communication and transparency aids in the company’s ability to be productive and increase employee satisfaction. When employees trust leadership and their peers;  hard work, a positive outlook, and inspiration will follow suit. This can be done by encouraging open and clear communication through a town hall style meeting or even through an online forum for employees to ask any questions of leadership. In summary Creating and sustaining a positive culture will keep your business healthy and prosperous. Madrivo’s culture is constantly evolving so we’re always looking for new ways to improve. What is your company doing to create a company culture that produces positivity and happy, engaged employees?
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