Feb 2018

Push notifications can be used in a number of ways to notify your customers about offers and deals, order status, reminders, announcements, and more. Depending on the industry, content of a successful push notification can vary dramatically. However, using the right words and tone can make a big difference with engagement and click-through rates. Improving the text of the notification is an easy first step. Keep these 6 tips in mind when writing your push notification copy.

  1. Be relevant
Understanding your audience and personalizing the push notification message to appeal to them will be key in gaining your users’ trust. Create personalized content. It will bring value and help spike engagement with your users.
  1. Be concise
Push notifications are brief by design. So, when you have a limited character amount, the need to convey your message in a clear, succinct manner is key to getting your point across. The best performing message is 25 characters and under. The shorter your message, the easier it is for the user to scan the message, thus increasing the chances of a click.
  1. Be helpful
Make the message beneficial to the user. Market research suggests that users are likely to get annoyed by purely promotional push notifications, yet far more likely to approve of notifications that they believe are helpful to them and provide them useful information.
  1. Prompt action
Write messaging that prompts users to take action. For example, if you’re a retail brand,  provide a clear benefit the user will receive from an offer. Studies show using the word “off” (for discounted promotions) resulted in a 5% boost in click-through rates.
  1. Be creative, maybe even funny!
Grab the user’s attention by using some creativity. Use catchy calls to action or one-liners to make your push notifications funny. This will keep them engaged, interested and entertained. Surprise them with a good laugh and it’ll be a positive and memorable experience with your brand.
  1. Be thoughtful
By nature, push notifications are disruptive to the user receiving them. It’s like being in-the-zone while working on your computer, and then a co-worker stops by to ask a question. It’s not a bad interruption, but nonetheless an interruption from what you were doing. Make your message warrant an interruption to make viewers feel rewarded rather than annoyed. I hope you now have some great tips to add to your copywriting arsenal for push notifications! Messaging will depend on your audience and what type of message you’re sending, but with these tips you’ll be able to cover six different types of copywriting.

Feb 2018

What are push notifications anyways? Push notifications are a great way to communicate with your audience. They are a tactic to convert web visitors into regular visitors, convert regular visitors into leads, and convert leads into customers. They can be used to promote products or offers, build brand trust, engage users who aren’t currently your customers, or recover abandoned carts. Push notifications are clickable messages consumers receive on their desktop or mobile device. They are permission-based and delivered directly from the push notification tool to the user. These notifications help to improve customer acquisition, retention and activation. Why use push notifications?

  1. Get their attention instantly
Unlike email, web push notifications are seen and acted upon almost immediately. According to research done by Zipstripe, an email sits for an average of 6.4 hours before it is viewed. In contrast, push notifications give you the ability to deliver time-sensitive information, such as important actionable information or deadline-based offers.
  1. Direct to the user
Say goodbye to the days of wondering if your target audience saw your email or if it was sent straight to the junk folder! With push notifications, you can send out a fast, important message and feel confident that it was viewed. They are delivered directly to the user and opened quickly, allowing potential customers to take action when they’re notified of hot promotions.
  1. Personalized for the user
You already know how important targeted messaging is to the success of an email campaign; the same goes for push notifications. Sending the right message to the right user is crucial for higher click-through rates and generating more sales. Good news: a personalized push message can increase CTR by 25%!
  1. Deliver at the perfect time
People read and take action on push notifications within moments of seeing them so you can deploy them at a time when your target users are most receptive to your ads. What time of the day do they use mobile devices for leisure? What days and times are they most likely to buy things? If you get this part right, you could see sales skyrocket.
  1. Numbers don’t lie
The interest in push notifications is at an all-time high. User opt-in rates increased from 41% to 43% in less than a year. Click-through rates on push notification campaigns can be as high as 40%, which is twice as much as the average email campaign. This indicates a great response rate and means there is a lot of potential to increase sales through this trending advertising channel. Although there are many things to know about push notifications, I hope you learned a few more today. Are you using push notifications as a way to acquire new leads or stay engaged with current customers?

Jan 2018

Ad fraud is estimated to reach $18 billion in damages in 2018 according to ANA. Year after year, digital fraud continues to grow. Digital ad fraud remains a big concern for brand marketers and agencies. A low fraud rate not only helps brands, but also means better quality ads and less headaches. In the affiliate marketing space, fraud affects all types of traffic channels. It could be a mailer form being filled out to create leads that aren’t legitimate, it could be a display ad that is being used in the same way with people being paid to complete the form. No matter the method, here at Madrivo, we train our team to spot patterns that could result from fraudulent activity and trigger an internal investigation to determine the authenticity of flagged leads. With Madrivo’s low 0.06% fraud rate, brands can feel confident in running their offers through our network of trusted affiliates. How did Madrivo succeed in gaining such a low fraud rate and continue to keep it year over year? 1 - Thorough Vetting Process Rigorously vetting publishers before they are even allowed to join the network is, in part, key to why the fraud rate has remained so low. Many factors are looked at to determine if it will be a good fit and if there are any discrepancies they will not be allowed to join Madrivo. 2 - Due Diligence with Traffic Monitoring Once a publisher passes through the vetting process, due diligence is practiced as a new publisher starts running traffic. Several methods are used to gauge if the traffic is legitimate or not. 3 - Constant Communication Communicating and having the right conversations with publishers is another key factor. Get to know what they do and the types of traffic they run. Ask for references from other companies the affiliate works with and contact them before allowing the client to run traffic. Once the publisher is running traffic, keep in touch to make sure they understand the lead standards and qualifications so that lead quality remains high and within compliance regulations. Establishing a very transparent relationship with affiliates will help build trust and keep everyone happy. Fraud is not 100% preventable, but with a secure vetting process and due diligence risk can be mitigated. It’s something Madrivo is proud of and takes very seriously.


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